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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor Air Quality illustrates how inside air can affect a person’s health, comfort, and skill to figure. This may involve but not restricted to temperature, moisture, fungus, germs, poor ventilation, or risk to other chemicals. Indoor pollution has received little attention within the past compared with pollution within the outdoor environment. 

This has become a problem of increasing public concern, prompted in part by the emergence of new indoor air pollution, the isolation of the indoor environment of the natural environment outside the office building was sealed, and the investigation of the so-called Sick Building Syndrome. indoor air quality bad one can cause discomfort, pain, and, in the workplace, absenteeism, and lower productivity.

Common Causes of Indoor Air Quality Problems

Indoor Air Quality problems resulting from the interaction between building materials and furniture, the activities in the building, climate, and building occupants. Indoor Air Quality problems may appear from one or more of the following causes:

  • Indoor environment – inadequate temperature, humidity, poor air circulation, ventilation system issues.
  • Indoor air contaminants – chemicals, dusts, moulds or fungi, bacteria, gases, vapours, odours.
  • Insufficient outdoor air intake.

Cleaning Process

In the process, we use a HEPA-AIRE Portable Power Vac together with specially designed Aire-Sweep Portable Air Compressor and also Agitation Tools. This method enables Mesa Air’s duct cleaners to remove contaminants from all parts of the duct system, regardless of location or type of duct.

Using ventilation to dilute contaminants, filtration, and source control is the main method to improve indoor air quality in most homes and/or buildings. Both home or building occupants are health protected with good indoor air quality and contribute to their comfort and well-being.

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